"Each human being holds within himself a unique, unlimited potential and an innate capability for growth that, when tapped into, enables everyone to live a great life and make a meaningful contribution to the world."

About Us

  • Our Mission

    The purpose of makelifegr8 is to teach people how to tap into their full potential and develop their happiness, purpose, meaning and resilience skills. Because everyone deserves to be their best self! Through our courses, we intend to help people live their best life and inspire them to share their gifts with the world to make it a better place.

  • Conscious Business

    The world is faced with so many challenges today, but the most pressing one - because the survival of the human race and all animal and plant species depends on it - is the protection and regeneration of Nature. We therefore give ALL our profits to environmental causes to support the projects and the people who know best how to protect Mother Earth.

  • Accredited Courses

    We are an official Training Center accredited by the Luxembourg Ministry of Education (EU). Our courses qualify as continuing professional development. Upon completion, you receive a certificate that you can add to your resume. If you are a Luxembourg-based employer or employee you may also be eligible for government funding and paid leave.

  • Personal Coaching

    Becoming happier and more resilient is a beautiful journey of personal growth. Our courses are designed in a loving and supportive way, so that you can learn safely by yourself. But we are all human, and sometimes we just need a little help & support. If you do, you can book an online, private coaching session with Pamela at any time. Pamela speaks Luxembourgish, English, French and German fluently. Sessions last 75 minutes, are held over Zoom or Skype and cost €100.

A little more about our work

All our courses, workshops, classes, conferences, retreats and professional trainings are based on the latest findings in the sciences of positive psychology, positive neuroscience, ecopsychology, interpersonal neurobiology, polyvagal theory, embodiment, somatics, ecosomatics and mindfulness. We offer a holistic approach to creating lasting wellbeing and a meaningful life based on the principles of interconnectedness and interdependence.  We do not offer ‘quick fix’ philosophies or methods, and we do not promise miraculous overnight results. What we do vouch for though, is that the science works if you apply it.

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The profits we make from our courses go to environmental projects that regenerate nature and fight climate change.

When you buy one of our courses, you do good to yourself and to Mother Earth!

It is our heartfelt desire to make the sciences of wellbeing and resilience available to everyone, independent of social, economic, cultural or educational background and to contribute to making this world a better place.

Makelifegr8 was founded in 2012 by Pamela Strasser, MA, MSc.